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As a developer, I relish the opportunity to own all aspects of a new code project; from design to prototype to finished product, there’s nothing more rewarding than bringing a well-thought out idea to life. Well, almost nothing.

There’s an even greater sense of accomplishment when the software lifecycle is traversed by a group of people: it requires clear and constant communication, deep understanding of scope and language, and a willingness to adapt.

I would classify the major challenges in both software development and human interactions under the umbrella of interfaces. Whenever two or more things come together, it always requires a thorough understanding of expectations from both sides of the interface. In the case of software, communication is usually done through an API. In the case of human interactions, the interface is through one or more modes of communication (written, spoken, or otherwise). Easing the tensions at an interface through clear communication greatly increases productivity, empathy, and the joy from collaboration.