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Unintentional Censorship

I was listening to Worship by Lizzo on Spotify earlier today and the opening snare hits really reminded me this song that I listened to ad nauseum years and years ago.

I couldn’t quite remember the title, but I did remember it being a collaboration between two different artists. Let’s google!

Indie band Tennis and … and .. and .. a white guy rapper.


Tennis and .. and .. G Eazy.

Play the first recommended song: Waspy.

Nope, this isn’t it. But I’m fairly sure it was this collaboration.

Does Waspy appear on an album?

Yes – The Endless Summer, 2011.

Okay cool, let me go listen to it on Spotify.

Spotify: G Eazy..All Albums..

and it doesn’t appear.

Spotify is arguably the largest purveyor of music and yet this album isn’t available. It’s a high expectation for them to have every single song, album, artist ever created, but if I hadn’t known this Album existed, and I took Spotify to be the source of (music) truth, it’s like this Album never existed.

There could be a variety of reasons why The Endless Summer wasn’t on Spotify: selective omission, lost legal battles, maybe it’s just that no one got around to putting it there.

This makes me wonder about all of the other creations that just go missing or overlooked because the centralized powers didn’t manage to collect everything.

Anyway, when I listen to the snare intros side-by-side, they’re not all that close, but they’re both pretty catchy songs.

Lizzo - Worship

G Eazy - Make up Sex